PETA’s Rescue Team Returns to Puerto Rico






PETA’s Rescue Team Returns to Puerto Rico

Five years after PETA helped animal shelters in Puerto Rico cope with the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, our rescue team returned to lend a hand once again.


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Meet Two Rescuers Helping Animals in Ukraine

Listen in as PETA Germany’s Sylvie Bunz and Daniel Cox share the latest on their work to help animals in war-torn Ukraine.


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Chained and Neglected, Lady Inspired a National News Story—Now She’s Free

While chained and forgotten, Lady was featured in ‘The Washington Post Magazine’. Now, she’s free from her chain and in search of the life she has always deserved!


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Fire Up the Grill, Not the Planet: Eat Vegan

If you plan to grill out during Fourth of July festivities, opt for veggie burgers—not beef burgers or other animal-based foods that are making the planet scorching hot.


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Catching Up on Podcasts This Weekend? Learn More About ‘Free the Animals’!

Listen to PETA President Ingrid Newkirk discuss the 30th anniversary edition of “Free the Animals” in these terrific podcast interviews.


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Stopping Animal Experiments: Weekly Campaign Updates

A PETA exhibit’s latest stop? ‘The New York Times’ crossword puzzle!


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4,000 Beagles Set To Be Released for Adoption—Now Urge the USDA To Suspend Envigo’s License

Now that Envigo’s massive beagle breeding facility in Virginia is set to close—and a plan is in place to release all 4,000 dogs for adoption!—join PETA in demanding that the USDA finally suspend the company’s license to operate.

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